SLACK 12″ Vinyl


Purple Monkey Dishwasher – Slack
11 tracks in no particular order, with a one of a kind silkscreen print.
Cover painting and triptic by Tina Braegger.
Each silkscreen is handmade and unique, and we only made approx. 300 of them.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher – SLACK

12″ LP includes a handmade one of a kind silk screen poster by Tina Braegger
30 x 60 cm
Release Date: 29.10.2020


A1 – Roombas
A2 – Competition for Confusion
A3 – Untitled (We’ve Called This Song “Tuning”)
A4 – You Had it Easy
A5 – Scammed
A6 – Blue, She is
B1 – Lol 3
B2 – I Went to My Friend’s Funeral Loaded on Coke
B3 – Are You Sleeping?
B4 – As Concert as Bearable
B5 – Tchilly Tchill


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