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Sunna Margrét’s Finger on Tongue is out now!

Sunna Margrét’s debut album Finger on Tongue is a masterclass in experimental pop, with influences spanning from CAN to Suzanne Ciani to The Space Lady, the album navigates between cross-cutting synth pop, reinvented trip hop, kraut and experimental inspirations. It was constructed in two phases, like day and night. The first phase evokes a period of renewal and liberated life, while the second tells of a counterpoint, the return of past visions and buried ghosts.

Finger on Tongue balances moments of tranquillity with bursts of chaos, capturing an authentic Icelandic essence through its experimental electronic and spellbinding sounds. Some tracks offer softness and peace while others invite you to dance.

“On the songwriter and producer’s debut album, Finger on Tongue, she explores different ways to distort her voice and instruments as free floating elements that somehow still end up in each other’s orbit. From the way Margrét layers her vocals across tracks to the multilayered backgrounds she builds with synths to varied resonances she pulls from the percussion, every song is woven as a slightly different fabric.” – The Quietus

Sunna Margrét’s new music video Figure is out now!

molto morbidi’s String Cheese Theory is out now!

After her experience as part of the band Shadow Motel, French frontwoman Swan Wisnia lays down the foundations of her solo project in the continuation of intemporal, welcoming and highly ambitious music.
The musical universe she creates is one where listing the various influences would be tedious as they all become integrated within a coherent vision, whose originality is refreshing and which invokes a world of sonorities, sensations and aesthetics.
Mainly interested in music from the past, she says herself that the artists who inspire her are those who feel comfortable enough among their influences to transcend traditions and formal expectations, “the ones who are part of a history of music, who have obvious influences, but who manage to create something completely original, textured, and easily identifiable as their own”. In this regard, molto morbidi’s music sounds like emancipation propelled by a rich palette of references and sounds. Vocal and progressive pop, synth rock, early R’n’B, antediluvian electronica, shimmering avant rock…
molto morbidi doesn’t hold back and will snatch the hearts pop and avant-garde lovers.

Written, composed & performed by Swan Wisnia (molto morbidi)
Mixed by Alexis Fugain
Mastered by Carl Saff

Artwork by Flora Klein, picture by Timo Ohler

Sunna Margrét’s new song and music video Come With Me is out now!

Arto Lindsay’s 7 Types of Ambiguity – A Parade is out now!

Arto Lindsay’s 7 Types of Ambiguity – A Parade is the materialisation in a record of a carnival procession, recorded in Bahia, and later arranged in a monumental 27 channel installation in a white cube. Soundtrack to an unseen documentary, musical fantasy, the parade is “a prime example of the proximity of sexuality and religion, of tradition and novelty and a place for true social innovation”.

“I wanted to investigate the shift in physical and psychic consciousness provoked and allowed by following or participating in a parade.” AL

Includes a 16 page booklet with an original text and drawings by Arto Lindsay, plus an essay by Thibault Walter, curator and senior lecturer in sound studies.

Recorded at the Terreiro do Bogum, Salvador, Bahia (BR) and originally installed at ECAL / University of Arts and Design, Lausanne (CH)

molto morbidi’s new song and music video Leo is out now!

Ana Bălan’s Toys is out now!

Ana Bălan releases her debut Toys out today on all streaming platforms, consisting of 8 art pop tracks she wrote and co-produced with her fellow NSR artist Maxime Graf.

“I wanted to do something a bit brut or low-fi, because when I was younger I loved those projects that I found online, like Teen Suicide that was a huge influence for me. They were this internet emo band doing very simple songs using a lot of electronic and noise elements. So I kind of wanted this sort of sound between punk/emo and electronica, between rough and sweet. I would describe my sound as a blend of indie electronica with 80’s goth and 90’s emo elements.”

The first track, Goodbye Ghostboy, is a semifreddo of feelings, a bittersweet break up song to a dead soul with no bones inside, while Love Song speeds up the beat and confronts the memories of love and friendship while sitting lonely at the desk to write, where a heady synth is caught up by a stomping kick and a seemingly confident voice sings « I made you up inside my head / Nothing in this world comes free ». Carousel is an ode to apocalyptic love with a cheerful singing of the lyrics « Drive me slowly down to hell / back up again ».

Mixed by Maxime Graf
Mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound
Cover art by Matei Ibănescu

Ana Bălan’s new music video Carousel is out now!

molto morbidi’s new song and music video I’m Not There Yet is out now!

Sunna Margrét’s new song and music video Chocolate is out now!

molto morbidi’s new song and music video Sorry Silly Girl is out now!

Ana Bălan’s new song and music video Goodbye Ghostboy is out now!

Sunna Margrét’s Five Songs for Swimming is out!

‘Five Songs for Swimming’ includes 5 original songs and a cover. They follow a continuous thread of water and flow and yet Sunna Margrét keeps close to her influences of bizarre human interactions, present in her lyrics throughout the EP, borrowing the words of New Jersey legends The Feelies on the last song ‘When To Go’ cover.

Contributing to the writing on ‘Five Songs for Swimming’ is Sunna Margrét’s band member, Swiss musician Maxime Graf that also lends his voice on ‘When To Go’ that delivers a sweet and soft duet between the two collaborators for the finale of the EP.

In remembrance of swim queen, soprano singer, teacher, bird lover and lifelong inspiration Unnur Ágústsdóttir
July 11, 1927 – February 26, 2021

All songs written, recorded and produced by Sunna Margrét and Maxime Graf except ‘When To Go’ written by The Feelies
All lyrics written by Sunna Margrét except ‘When To Go’.
Drums on ‘Out of Breath’ and ‘Wave’ by Christian Schulz

Mixed by Maxime Graf
Mastered by Sveinbjörn Thorarensen

Supported by STEF and Rannís Music Recording Fund

Sunna Margrét’s new song and music video Out of Breath is out now!

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Music video for Fuck It by Sunna Margrét is out!

Degeaba by Ana Bălan is out!

Out on December 23rd!

Daydreamer by Daisy Sane is out!

No Salad Records is thrilled to announce the release of Daydreamer by Daisy Sane out on September 30th! Click on the image below to read the newsletter ↓↓↓

Daisy Sane tour dates summer 2022!