After her experience as part of the band Shadow Motel, French frontwoman Swan Wisnia lays down the foundations of her solo project in the continuation of intemporal, welcoming and highly ambitious music. The musical universe she creates is one where listing the various influences would be tedious as they all become integrated within a coherent vision, whose originality is refreshing and which invokes a world of sonorities, sensations and aesthetics.

Mainly interested in music from the past, she says herself that the artists who inspire her are those who feel comfortable enough among their influences to transcend traditions and formal expectations, “the ones who are part of a history of music, who have obvious influences, but who manage to create something completely original, textured, and easily identifiable as their own”. In this regard, molto morbidi’s music sounds like emancipation propelled by a rich palette of references and sounds. Vocal and progressive pop, synth rock, early R’n’B, antediluvian electronica, shimmering avant rock… molto morbidi doesn’t hold back and will snatch the hearts pop and avant-garde lovers.