Ana Bălan

Ana listens to Kathleen Hanna, Strawberry Switchblade, The Sugarcubes, Peaches and The Shaggs to name a few. Album release coming soon!

Daisy Sane

Even if reality never matched her expectations, Daisy Sane unveils her album Daydreamer, fresh off the press on No Salad Records.
With her head in the moon and her feet in the river, her electric guitar and her voice, Daisy Sane takes us by the hand in hazy and hazardous lands; if this is hell, it’s beautiful.

Daisy Sane is the alter ego born between two layers of paint that Jodie Rudaz has been making since her studies in visual arts in Lausanne.

Sunna Margrét

Sunna Margrét’s sonic delight is as much of a candy for the brain as it is for the ear. Her chopped up lo-fi sound arrangements layered with her soothing elf-like vocals bring the listener on a fairytale voyage. Think FKA Twigs meets Suzanne Ciani.
She cut her teeth playing with the lauded electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup and they embarked on their bulkiest tour run when she was still in her teens.
In 2017, the Icelandic artist rises as an autonomous songwriter and twists her original vocal instrument with trip hop psychedelic sounds tempered with experimental and emotive lyrics to navigate new serpentine musical waters. She keeps expanding the field of performance with instruments and poetry reading along strong downtempo rhythms. In 2018 her single Amma is featured in the Wire Tapper and 2019 sees the release of her EP Art of History that is nominated twice at the Iceland Music Awards in electronic music category and wins the annual Kraumur Award.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

11 tracks in no particular order, with a one of a kind silkscreen print.
Cover painting and triptic by Tina Braegger
Each silkscreen is handmade and unique, and we only made approx. 300 of them. Didn’t count tho…
You can, like, hang it on yr wall or use it as a towel. Maybe there’s a secret track printed on the back of the painting, that would be smart!

Fascination for Organs

Fascination For Organs is a power duo based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
They will play under your very own Xmas tree if the price is right.