Ana Bălan

Ana Bălan is the frosty sounding goth-princess of Bucharest, a hidden gem that you never knew you craved for. If you have a sweet tooth for freshly squeezed alternative pop, this is for you.

Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay (b. 1953) has stood at the intersection of music and art for more than four decades. As a member of DNA, he contributed to the foundation of No Wave. As bandleader for the Ambitious Lovers he developed an intensely subversive pop music, a hybrid of American and Brazilian styles.

Sunna Margrét

For some artists, music seems to flow naturally. Some choose to play it through channels they’ve visited many times before, often for fear of the unknown. Others choose to assume the impalpable strangeness of the worlds that inhabit them as much as the one that surrounds them. Sunna Margrét’s music belongs to this second category, combining an inspiration bathed in naturalness and spontaneity, which fully embraces a certain complexity and sonic ambition.

molto morbidi

After her experience as part of the band Shadow Motel, French frontwoman Swan Wisnia lays down the foundations of her solo project in the continuation of intemporal, welcoming and highly ambitious music. The musical universe she creates is one where listing the various influences would be tedious as they all become integrated within a coherent vision, whose originality is refreshing and which invokes a world of sonorities, sensations and aesthetics.

Daisy Sane

Even if reality never matched her expectations, Daisy Sane unveils her album Daydreamer, fresh off the press on No Salad Records.
With her head in the moon and her feet in the river, her electric guitar and her voice, Daisy Sane takes us by the hand in hazy and hazardous lands; if this is hell, it’s beautiful.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

11 tracks in no particular order, with a one of a kind silkscreen print.
Cover painting and triptic by Tina Braegger.
Each silkscreen is handmade and unique, and we only made approx. 300 of them.

Fascination for Organs

Fascination For Organs is a power duo based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
They will play under your very own Xmas tree if the price is right.